De-weeding is a four-season job

I live in Toronto, Canada, and yes, de-weeding is a four-season job for me and it's fun! Just imagine the fresh air, singing birds, beautiful flowers, organic tomatoes and many more!

I don't have any favourite sports, so walking is usually my only exercise. I do enjoy walking around my yards and the neighbourhoods where I live and where I work.

My favourite de-weeding tool is a weeding knife. I use it to loose soil around the roots and then pull the weeds out. I always wear a pair of gardening gloves when I de-weed.

Weeds need space, water, light and nutrients to grow. So, if your lawn is healthy, it'll be difficult for weeds to survive and reproduce. Keeping grass clippings on your lawn is one easy way to keep your lawn healthy.

You can walk on your lawn and pull out weeds when you see them if the lawn is NOT frozen, covered by snow or too web. Here is what can be done for de-weeding in the four seasons:

  1. Early spring: lightly fertilize your lawn once; de-weed (over-winter weeds are easy to be seen).
  2. Spring to late summer: de-weed; don't let weeds set and drop seeds; get rid of weed flowers, seed pods, and seeds from your lawn, don't put them into your compost unless you are sure the composting process will generate enough heat to kill them.
  3. Early fall: lightly fertilize your lawn once if the lawn is healthy, otherwise, fertilize heavily; de-weed; don't let weeds set and drop seeds.
  4. Late fall to early winter: de-weed if the lawn is workable.

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