Grow organic container veggies

Fall is a good time to buy discounted garden containers. There are a few good reasons why do you want to use containers even if you have enough garden space in your backyard:
  • Containers are easier to tend
    You can raise your containers for easier handling and move containers for sunshine, shade, airflow and space. When night temperatures drop, you can also move containers indoor.
  • Some plants do better in containers
    Plants don't do well because of short growing season or too much rain and not enough sun. However, in containers, heat-loving plants like eggplants and peppers can thrive regardless of nature's whims.
  • Container plants often suffer less pest attacks
    Container-grown plants generally suffer less pest attacks because they live in a cleaner and more frequently inspected environment.

There are two important things should be kept in mind:
  • Soil
    Make your own compost or ask around where do other organic garden growers get compost and what do they get. Check ingredients if you buy mix or soil because you don't want any synthetic fertilizers. If you use self-watering contains, you don't want any additives to increase water retention either. Some basic ingredients in a mix are: sphagnum peat, limestone, vermiculite, and/or perlite.
  • Watering
    Container plants usually require more often watering. If you buy or make self-watering containers, make sure they don't have holes and hidden places that attract mosquitoes and slugs.

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